An Office 365 for Business Blog Welcome

Welcome to the first post on our new website dedicated to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud products.

Our Goals

The aim of the site is to become the number one resource on the Internet for MS Office 365 (besides Microsoft themselves of course!).

One thing we can do differently to Microsoft is perhaps explain start to finish what is Office 365 and how and when do you use it. What do you compare it to? Is it right for you.

Time to Move to Office 365?

Many of you will have already decided that you want to migrate to Office 365. Some of you will have a free web mail product and some of you may have on premise Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. Maybe you still have Groupwise! Well that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Whatever you currently run, if you have made the decision to explore Office 365 and work out how to migrate and even get assistance then this site is the place to be.

Who Are you?

You may wonder why we are putting the site together and what our background is. Well I can answer that. I have been working in the Microsoft infrastructure (read Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, Migration) since the late 1990s and for most of that time I have been involved in migrating one system to another. So I have been around the block a few times. Especially when it comes to email.


After a bumpy start I decided I really liked Office 365 and using it as my business foundation whether connecting from an iPhone, Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web Access. We are always doing migrations and getting asked for tips tricks and advice. So I thought I would share. So here we are, hopefully building out a resource that will really be helpful to you and your business in making the decision to move to Office 365 and then actually doing it.

Happy Migrating

Elliot Lawrence
Squeeze Technology


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