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How to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 using Powershell

When you begin a migration you may require to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 so that all email that gets sent to the mailbox hosted on Office 365 goes somewhere else. Maybe an on-premise server or some other alternative. Two ways to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 There are two ways to do […]

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Office365 Plan Selection Flowchart

Choosing an Office 365 plan

Choosing an Office 365 plan can definitely seem intimidating. There are so many choices available to you and some implications to those choices. Microsoft offer a plan advisor  wizard on their site but I am not a big fan because a new user cannot see the logic that Microsoft uses to recommend a plan. Plus […]

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Set SMTP Address in Local AD for Dir Sync to Office 365

Set Primary SMTP Address Office 365 DirSync

If you have an Office 365 Enterprise subscription and dir sync (Directory Synchronization) configured in your environment so that your local Active Directory is used to manage your Office 365 mailboxes then you may be wondering how you set a primary SMTP address in Office 365. The Global Address List shows the wrong email addresses […]

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Decision tree for Office 365 Business Plan Selector

4 Things to consider when choosing an Office 365 Plan

Now I don’t want to sound alarmist with my title, so please don’t freak out. I merely wish to point out an important consideration when choosing an Office 365 plan for business use. As a recap here is my Office 365 Business plan decision tree that will help you select the plan you need (click on the image to […]

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Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows Powershell

The Basics of Office 365 Powershell

Office 365 has basic administration tools in its web portal, but when it comes to doing anything much fancier than creating a user and editing some basic details, you will often find yourself having to use office 365 powershell. There are a vast amount of functions you can perform with powershell and many of them […]

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An Office 365 for Business Blog Welcome

Welcome to the first post on our new website dedicated to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud products. Our Goals The aim of the site is to become the number one resource on the Internet for MS Office 365 (besides Microsoft themselves of course!). One thing we can do differently to Microsoft is perhaps explain start to […]

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