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One great part of using Exchange is the support for most modern devices, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry – in this case, Office 365 on Android. Office 365 is very simple to set up on android (in this case, stock android 4.1), and the following guide will demonstrate how.

Before beginning you need to be armed with 2 or 3 pieces of information:

  • Your email address – this will be something like
  • Your Password
  • And if you use AD Federation then there is a chance that your email and your AD account don’t match then you may have a user ID like ringo.starr@liverpool.local or LIVERPOOL\ringo.starr.

Office 365 login to Outlook Web App first

I like to test my account info using Outlook Web App first then I know that I have the information correct and I can rule that out as an issue if it doesn’t work first time – it’s very common for typos on the phone or password miscommunication to cause issues connecting.  Go to and test signing in with your credentials. If it signs in you now know you have the right information.

Setup Office 365 on Android

1) Turn on your phone and navigate to the main settings menu

2) Scroll down near the bottom of the list and under “Accounts”, tap “Add Account”

3) Tap on “Corporate”

4) On the “Email Account” page, enter your email address and password

5) On the “Server Settings” page, your email address should look like the picture – \ Your password should already be entered, and the server should be “”. Make sure to check “Use secure connection (SSL)” and “Accept all SSL Certificates”. Then hit “next”.

Android Email Setup

Android Email Setup











6) If your credentials and settings are correct, you will get a box asking you about remote security administration. This allows your device’s email to be wiped remotely by Office 365. Hit “OK” to accept and continue.

7) Under “Account Options” you can select the options you prefer to customize your setup. It is recommended to sync contacts and calendar.

8) On the last screen, choose your account name (just what it will display as on your Nexus 7). You’re all done and ready to enjoy your email now!

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