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Sometimes we find people have difficulty with Office 365 login, especially if they don’t have their smart phone or laptop with them. Knowing how to login to the main portal and your Outlook Web Access web based email application is one of the most important pieces of information you can be armed with.

Connecting to Outlook Web Access

The simplest and easiest way to get at your email from any computer or device, using pretty much any modern browser is to always remember and visit

Office 365 Login ScreenYou will then get the following sign on screen.

Your username is always your email address, so it will be in the form of

Your password is only known by your good self, hopefully you know what it is.

As soon as you click Sign In, you will be presented with the Exchange 2010 based version of Outlook Web Access which is a very functional application and could be considered good enough for most light to medium email users.

One very useful tip that we will cover in more detail at a later date is the Office 365 main page. It provides the tools you need to connect Outlook 2010 (or lower) to your mailbox, links to support documentation and most importantly Downloads that are required for products such Office 2010 and 2013, Lync and the components Office 365 uses to set up your computer for use.

The Main Portal – Office 365 Login

To access the main Office 365 portal page, the quickest way is to sign into log in with the usual credentials.

Once there you will be presented with a number of options dependent on your package and admin levels.

Across the top center of the screen Office 365 Portal Screen after Loginyou will see an Outlook button. That’s the quick link to take you to Outlook Web Access which you had originally connected to via the URL.

In Conclusion, you now know how to access your email from anywhere and also get to the portal to download the computer preparation software for Office 365.





Move to Office 365 and get our advice and guidance completely free - Find out more

Move to Office 365 and get our advice and guidance completely free – Find out more


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