Logging into Federated Office 365

There are a few different methods for logging into federated Office 365. It can vary slightly from a normal login, but for the most part it should be pretty similar.

Notes on Logging into Federated Office 365 Web App Using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari

To log into the Office 365 web portal off a federated domain, make sure you use Internet Explorer 8 or above. If you try to use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome it still get stuck on the log on box and refuse to go any further. Microsoft says the following:

If your computers have Extended Authentication Protection (EAP), and you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, you may not be able to sign in to Office 365 using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) from within the corporate network. If this situation occurs, your users might receive logon prompts on a regular basis as described in the article You are repeatedly prompted for credentials when you try to log in the AD FS 2.0 service endpoint in Office 365. This is due to the default configuration (on Windows 7 and patched client operating systems) for AD FS 2.0 and EAP.

However, if you would like to log in using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari there are a couple of options, but they are not recommended due to security concerns. Here they are anyway:

1) You can uninstall the Extended Protection for Authentication windows patch from the client computers where you would like to use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

2) You can change the Extended Protection for Authentication settings on the ADFS server through powershell. The commands are as follows:

  • Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Adfs.Powershell
  • Set-ADFSProperties –ExtendedProtectionTokenCheck:None

Disclaimer: I have seen recent evidence of Safari and Firefox working (though still not Chrome). It could be the case that they were recently updated to work with EPA but Microsoft has not updated their documentation on it yet. You are welcome to try and use Firefox or Safari, but if you are troubleshooting issues, I recommend using Internet Explorer 8 or above for consistency.

Signing into Federated Office 365 Web App Using Internet Explorer

To sign into the web portion of Office 365 with federation, visit the normal sign in pages you would use. This is would be either the web portal or outlook web access for Office 365. Type in your email address, and as soon as you click out of that box you should notice that the password box becomes grayed out and you are redirected to sign into your domain from a link below. This link takes you directly to your AFDS 2.0 server.

Office 365 Federation

Federation Sign In








Click the blue sign in link at the bottom and you will see a new sign in window pop up.

Office 365 Federartion

Federation Sign In








Enter your full email address in this plus your password, which should now be the same as your local active directory passwords, since the accounts are now linked. If you get this correct, make sure you are using internet explorer, and have your ADFS server configured correct, it should now sign you into your outlook web app.

For more information on setting up federated Office 365, see this earlier article.

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