Add and Remove Licenses in Office 365

This post covers the basic information on how to add licenses to Office 365 and more importantly how to remove licenses in Office 365 when you either have an employee leave or perhaps you bought too many when you initially set up your plan.

Office 365 – Add Licenses

First off, its very easy to add licenses for the different packages in your account via the portal for Office 365. Of course it should be easy to do so. They want you to buy!


  1. Sign in to the portal (For Office 365 Login See Here) with your Office 365 Administrator account.
  2. Browse down to Subscriptions on the left hand side
  3. Click on Purchase and then you will see your plans. From here you can choose Add or Buy Now and the next screen will ask how many you want, Add it to the Cart, Check out and you will have new Licenses to assign to Users you are going to create or have already created.

Office 365 – Remove Licenses

So the tricky part is license reduction! If, like me in the past, you have clicked around looking for the Remove button and cant find it don’t worry. Its not there.

The only way to reduce licenses is to have Microsoft do it for you. For that its best to call their support line.

In the US its 1-800-865-9408

Elsewhere please visit the Virtual Chat App Global Telephone Support NumbersĀ (which incidentally is just a search box for pre-canned answers and not a live person chat app).

Now you may be able to reduce license count with a ticket – I think I have tried that in the past and failed. If anyone has had success let us know.

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