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Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft is a great product embracing the best of the cloud in a smart package. There is a lot to it though. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • What Office 365 plan should you choose for your company and is it future proof
  • What steps do you need to take to prepare for Office 365?
  • How do you avoid losing mail?
  • What is the best migration strategy given your current platform?
  • Should you move other systems at the same time?
  • What steps should I follow for a user migration?
  • How do you integrate it with your current systems?
  • How do you make the most of Lync, Sharepoint? (powered by Squeeze Technology) has 15 years of mail and systems migration experience and has been moving customers to BPOS and Office 365 since launch day.

Get Help, Advice and Guidance, Strategy and hand holding for no extra cost to your business

If you sign up for your Office 365 demo (and eventually purchase) through any of our links it entitles you to the following from Office365forbiz:

  1. Guidance – We will be your personal guide through your implementation process – use us as a sounding board for all your questions, fears and goals
  2. Strategy and Planning – we will provide you with a customer migration path from your current system to Office 365
  3. Conference Call – periodically we will run a group conference call and workshop to discuss issues, ideas and problems
  4. Ongoing support – we will provide ongoing support and help to your business for anything related to Office 365

If you already have signed up for Office 365 and still would like our help then don’t worry. Just drop us an email and you can add us your partner via the Office 365 portal.

For Free? Why do you do it?

As your selected partner of Office 365 we get a small commission from Microsoft, that allows us to provide our services at no extra cost to you within reason. It is dependent on the size of your subscription and how much help you need. We cannot do the actual migration work for you included in this free of charge price though we are definitely happy to help with that at extra cost and do so with many organizations.

Why should I Sign up to Office 365 through you?

Because a $4 Office 365 Exchange Online Subscription is $4 whether you use our advice and guidance or not. It costs you nothing  extra and for that you get our professional expertise in preparing, migrating and supporting your Office 365 configuration.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible move to Office 365 and use it effectively and successfully. Just try us and see how responsive we are.