About Office 365 for Biz

About Office 365 for Biz

Office 365 for Biz is a blog and web site designed to help anyone interested in Microsoft’s Office 365 offering find their way around the product and also provide detailed technical information to aide in the day to day operation of Office 365.

We realize there is a lot of information out there already. But our goal is to try and simplify the decision making process of moving to a cloud based productivity solution (namely Office 365) and then boil down the steps to actually moving to Office 365. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first professional mail platform and you have nothing to migrate, or if you are doing a simultaneous Active Directory Forest  and Exchange 2007 to Office 365 migration all at the same time. We will have something for you.

 Whats Your Authority?

The Authors of office365forbiz.com currently work for and have worked for consulting companies over many years and specialized in migrating services from one platform to another. In most instances, said platform has either been some directory (old AD, NT, NDS, Netware)  to the latest Active Directory version or some mail platform to the latest Exchange on-premise or Office 365 platform (formerly know as Business Productivity On Line Suite.

Over 15 years I have been involved in the following messaging and mail related migrations:

  • IBM Profs (Mainframe based) to Microsoft Exchange
  • Nexus Memo (Mainframe based) to Microsoft Exchange
  • Novell Groupwise (various versions) to Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes (various versions) to Microsoft Exchange
  • cc:mail to Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Mail to Microsoft Exchange
  • Exchange 2003 , 2007 and 2010 to BPOS
  • Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 to Office 365
  • GMail to Office 365

Our articles and tips are all based on real world projects and experience.

About Squeeze Technology, Inc.

The author and contributors all currently work for Squeeze Technology, Inc.

Squeeze Technology (visit us at www.squeezetech.com) is a full service technology consulting and support company providing high quality IT Services including computer and network support, infrastructure solutions and complete cloud based infrastructure.

Our employees have vast experience in the design, implementation, management, support and maintenance of IT systems. Our pedigree has allowed us to work with some of the most prestigious customers and our consultants have worked many times on Microsoft’s own customer projects to aid them in their delivery.

When you work with Squeeze you will discover that we have your business’ best interests at heart but also that we are technology enthusiasts with a passion for what we do.