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Lync for Office 365

What is Microsoft Lync for Office 365?

Microsoft Lync for Office 365 is Microsoft’s replacement for Office Communicator. It is very similar in a lot of respects, but it ties in tightly with the Office 365 platform and has some upgraded feature sets over its predecessor. Features of Lync for Office 365 At its most basic level, Lync is an instant messaging […]

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Office 365 Rules

How to Setup Custom Office 365 Rules in Email for Yourself and Your Organization

There are all kinds of ways to set “rules” for your email (with most email providers), especially from within Microsoft Outlook. However, since we deal mostly with Office 365 on this site, I’m going to explain how to setup some custom Office 365 rules for both individuals and entire organizations from within the web portal. […]

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Change a Mailbox Type in Office 365

In Office 365 (or Exchange for that matter) a mailbox can be of 4 distinct types and this article shows you how to change a mailbox type in Office 365. Here are the 4 permitted types: Regular – that is a normal mailbox that most users have for day to day email Room – a […]

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Certificate for Office 365

How To Setup A Certificate for Office 365

A very basic setup of Office 365 usually doesn’t require certificates since all of the servers and externally facing components are on Microsoft’s end. However, there are two major cases where a certificate for Office 365 is going to be required: ADFS and Office 365 Hybrid Exchange Configuration. Since ADFS is a useful and commonly […]

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How to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 using Powershell

When you begin a migration you may require to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 so that all email that gets sent to the mailbox hosted on Office 365 goes somewhere else. Maybe an on-premise server or some other alternative. Two ways to set mailbox forwarding in Office 365 There are two ways to do […]

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Perform an Office 365 Remote Wipe On Your Phone

The ability to perform an Office 365 remote wipe on your phone or tablet is a vital part of security to any organization, large or small, that uses Office 365. As smartphones become smarter and smarter, it becomes easier to access more and more of your data on the go. While this is hugely convenient […]

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Office 365 vs On Premise

Office 365 vs On Premise Exchange Server

Office 365 vs On Premise Exchange can be a difficult decision to make as they are so many factors involved, but hopefully this article will lay them out in a clear and direct manner. In the past, when an organization needed a Microsoft Exchange platform, the obvious choice was usually to buy an Exchange server […]

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Office 365 Federartion

Logging into Federated Office 365

There are a few different methods for logging into federated Office 365. It can vary slightly from a normal login, but for the most part it should be pretty similar. Notes on Logging into Federated Office 365 Web App Using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari To log into the Office 365 web portal off a federated […]

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Forward Email From Office 365

In certain cases it can be helpful to be able to forward email from Office 365. Microsoft Outlook has this functionality, but sometimes it is convenient to be able to do it without Outlook – especially if you don’t have Outlook attached to the account that you want to forward email from. The steps for […]

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