Office 2013 vs Office 365 Comparison Chart

Office 2013 vs Office 365 Subscription – Which to Get?

Microsoft Office used to be a much simpler product to buy – you chose between a couple versions, paid for it, got your disc and your product key, installed it on a computer, and you were done. With Office 2013, you still have that option (or something close to it), but Microsoft is pushing heavily […]

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Excel Editing with Office Mobile

Finally Microsoft Release Office Mobile for iPhone

You may or may not have noticed that on Friday Microsoft quietly released the long awaited Office Mobile for iPhone. I really expected there to be a lot of fanfare and excitement around it as it has been hyped so much and until recently was never even confirmed as something that might exist. Office Mobile […]

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Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Procedure

This article covers an Office 365 migration using an Exchange 2007 setup. A “Staged Migration” is the method used to migrate off of Exchange Server 2003 and 2007. In this example the associated endpoint has already been set up and ADFS 2.o is already running (Active Directory Sync with Office 365 and Single Sign On) […]

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Office 365 Public Folders

How to Setup Office 365 Public Folders

Public folders were a prime function of Exchange 2003, but were slowly deemphasized over the years. On the newest version of Office 365 public folders make a prominent appearance on the Exchange administrator ECP page. Public folders are a way to allow all exchange users in the company to share and view items. Once configured, […]

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Set Internal Relay Domain Office 365

Shared namespace in Office 365 Feb 27th Release

You have probably noticed that Microsoft updated Office 365 in late Feb 2013 and is slowly rolling the updates out to existing customers. For the third time in recent years Microsoft has moved all the interface items around a little and renamed functions from how they existed previously. I am mostly in support of the […]

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Office 365 Mailbox Permissions – Viewing Mailboxes and Send-as Permissions

In Office 365 it is possible to grant users permissions to each other mailboxes so they that have the capability to  view each others mailboxes or even send emails on each others behalves. There are two ways to grant Office 365 mailbox permissions – if you are logged into Microsoft Outlook as the permission granting […]

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Custom User Principle Name For An Easier Life

When using Dirsync between your Active Directory and Office 365, it is very useful to be able to use a custom User Principle Name (UPN) so that you can use your email address for sign ins on both sides (rather than having a separate username for Active Directory). In fact, if you are going to […]

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Setup Office 365 With Outlook

How to Setup Office 365 With Outlook

It can be tricky initially to setup Office 365 with Outlook, but it is very useful to have your email, contacts, calendar, and tasks all stored outside of Outlook Web Access. While web apps are getting better, they still aren’t up to par with a dedicated program like Outlook. The minimum requirements for Office 365 […]

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Office 365 Distribution Groups

Office 365 Distribution Groups

Office 365 distribution groups are a very useful tool. They allow you to have an email address without having an actual mailbox for it, and thus not using up an Office 365 license. Instead emails that go through an Office 365 Distribution Group get distributed to the users of the group and can be filtered […]

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Lync for Office 365

What is Microsoft Lync for Office 365?

Microsoft Lync for Office 365 is Microsoft’s replacement for Office Communicator. It is very similar in a lot of respects, but it ties in tightly with the Office 365 platform and has some upgraded feature sets over its predecessor. Features of Lync for Office 365 At its most basic level, Lync is an instant messaging […]

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